Sustainable Fabrics

save our planet
The hottest topic in the fabric and textile industry is how to find more environmentally friendly ways to produce beautiful fabrics. This applies to both the growing process, and the printing/dyeing of the finished product.
We are working closely to adapt age-old processes in the textile industry, and our goal is to only buy from factories and mills who are making a conscious effort to improve and maintain our increasingly fragile environment.
It is understood that with fast, throwaway fashion, we are slowly, but definitely, destroying our planet, but everyone needs to step back and re-evaluate what matters most! The buyers at Joel & Son Fabrics recognise the need to support factories that have environmentally friendly practices in place, and we pride ourselves on only working with established factories in Europe.
In recent years, we have stepped up our campaign to ensure that our suppliers abide strictly by the EU regulated conditions on omissions, dyeing, washing, finishing and packaging.
Fabrics originating from Asia, South America and India have a lot of catching up to do, and though regulations are in place and certifications regularly awarded to factories there, we unfortunately all have doubts as to their authenticity.
Joel & Son Fabrics is always working diligently to improve ourselves and minimise the devastating effect that the fabric and textile industry has on our fragile planet. Here are a few factoids you may be interested in about Italian fabric mills:

- Italy has established innovative wastewater treatment plants that ensure the removal of nitrogen from dyes, washing and finishing.
- Dyes used in printing mills have rigorously controlled disposal practices.
- The implementation of alternative energy sources, with the use of solar and wind turbines, are encouraged with grants from the Italian government.